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16th March 2015

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   Welcome to my galleries of bird and wildlife photographs and videos all taken in Shropshire and many within my garden in Shrewsbury. There are links to my new blog Garden Bird Behaviour started in October 2014, and you can keep up-to-date with my latest videos on YouTube and also follow me on Twitter. There are also small Theme Galleries which take a close look at some aspects of bird behaviour.
   The main purpose of this site is to share my enjoyment of wild life, in particularly birds.          Maurice

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Nuthatch from my Shropshire Bird Gallery


Male & female Common Blue Butterflies from my Butterfly Gallery



Located in Much Wenlock, dedicated to the rescue, care and rehabilitation of sick, injured and orphaned wild animals and birds.

If you think you can help, visit their website, as they rely on donations and every little helps.

Thank you.



Garden Bird Behaviour

started October 2014

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Secret Life Of The Robin
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   You can keep up to date with my latest photos and videos on twitter or at my new blog        Garden Bird Behaviour