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Being at the bottom of the pecking order among the tit family the Coal Tit does not hang about at the feeders, lt grabs what it wants and is off in a flash.

Coal Tit flying off with sunflower seed
It often takes more food than it needs as it is one of a number of birds that will store food away for a later day.
Coal Tit with sunflower seed
It will hide food in crevices in tree trunks or walls and in the ground. I have watched it chaching away sunflower seeds in the open tops of bamboo canes in the garden.

Coal Tit caching food

This one was trying to push the seed into moss on a stone but eventually decided it was not such a good idea.
Coal Tit
This is much better, a deep crack between two stones with plenty of moss for cover.
Coal Tit caching food
Job done, now back for more seeds.
Coal Tit
I often wonder just how much of this cached food it finds again later in the year. I Don't think it has the memory capacity of the Jay who can recall where it cached away most of its store of food come the winter.