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Venus Pool - viewed from the main public hide

Venus Pool

Venus Pool nature reserve, owned by the Shropshire Ornithological Society, is approximately six mile south of Shrewsbury in Shropshire on the A458 just past Cross Houses.
The pool, islands and scrapes were formed from old gravel workings to give a range of habitats for as many species of birds as possible including all year residents, winter visitors and passing migrants 
The site also includes hay meadows, arable land, a marsh area and a shallow canal and path for butterflies and dragonflies.
The facilities include a car park and a disabled area on site and five hides. Two of the hides are open to the public, one overlooks the pool and the second one, a feeding station is set in willow scrub.
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22.04.11                                                          Bar-headed Goose                                          NEXT.jpg (915 bytes)

Bar-headed Goose













15.05.10                                                       Black-headed Gull                               NEXT.jpg (915 bytes)

Black-headed gull collecting nest material at Venus Pool













14.10.09                       Black-tailed Godwit                              NEXT.jpg (915 bytes)

Black-tailed Godwit













06.08.09                                         Black Swan                                            NEXT.jpg (915 bytes)

Black Swan at Venus Pool













14.01.11                                         Brambling                                            NEXT.jpg (915 bytes)

Male Brambling at Venus Pool













16.04.11                                         Brent Goose                                         NEXT.jpg (915 bytes)

Brent Goose














19.10.09                                           Buzzard                                                      NEXT.jpg (915 bytes)

Buzzard at venus Pool-
















02.03.09                                       Canada Geese                                       NEXT.jpg (915 bytes)

Pair of Canada Geese at Venus Pool
















26.06.10                                            Chiffchaff                                                  NEXT.jpg (915 bytes)

Juvenile chiffchaff

  Canon 50D , Canon 500mm f4 +1.4X   -   1/250 - f6.31  - ISO 1000       

















21.04.10                                     Common Sandpiper                                    NEXT.jpg (915 bytes)

Common Sandpiper
















07.03.10                                                  Coot                                             NEXT.jpg (915 bytes)

Coot at Venus Pool
















18.06.09                                         Cormorant                                            NEXT.jpg (915 bytes)

Juvenile Cormorant at Venus Pool

















24.03.11                                             Curlew                                                        NEXT.jpg (915 bytes) 

















21.04.10                                           Dunlin                                                 NEXT.jpg (915 bytes)

Dunlin at Venus Pool
















12.10.09                                              Dunnock                                         NEXT.jpg (915 bytes)  

Dunnock at Venus Pool















28.08.11                                        Egyption Goose                                     NEXT.jpg (915 bytes)

Juve4nile Egyption Goose

















17.11.09                                           Fieldfare                                                    NEXT.jpg (915 bytes)

Fieldfare at Venus Pool










25.03.11                                           Gadwall                                                    NEXT.jpg (915 bytes)

Male and female Gadwall










13.03.10                                    Golden Plover                                             NEXT.jpg (915 bytes)

Golden Plover at Venus Pool












17.08.09                                          Goldfinch                                               NEXT.jpg (915 bytes)

Goldfinch at Venus pool











15.06.09                  Great Crested Grebe with small fish at Venus Pool                         NEXT.jpg (915 bytes)

Great Crested Grebeat Venus Pool









20.07.09                      Great Spotted Woodpecker   at feeding station                        NEXT.jpg (915 bytes)

Great Spotted Woodpecker at feeding station - Venus pool










03.08.09                                     Green Sandpiper                                            NEXT.jpg (915 bytes)

Green Sandpiper feeding at Venus Pool











15.09.09                                     Green Woodpecker                                   NEXT.jpg (915 bytes)

Green Woodpecker at Venus Pool                                










09.08.11                                     Greenshank                                               NEXT.jpg (915 bytes)

Greenshank at Venus Pool                                










04.06.10                                                    Grey Heron                                                                     NEXT.jpg (915 bytes)

Grey Heron at Venus Pool












17.08.09                                             Greylag Geese                                                NEXT.jpg (915 bytes)

Greylag Geese at Venus Pool










01.10.09                                           Hobby                                                    NEXT.jpg (915 bytes)

Hobby at Venus Pool

Record purposes only  -    very long distance shot !












10.06.09                                Jackdaw at Venus Pool                                     NEXT.jpg (915 bytes)

Jackdaw at Venus Pool










08.10.09                                              Kestrel                                                                NEXT.jpg (915 bytes)
Kestrel at Venus Pool













05.07.09                                                 Kingfisher                                                         NEXT.jpg (915 bytes)

Kingfisher at Venus Pool









11.05.09                                      Lapwing at Venus Pool                                           NEXT.jpg (915 bytes)

Lapwing at Venus Pool









1.09.09                             Lesser Black-backed Gull                             NEXT.jpg (915 bytes)

Lesser Black-backed Gull at Venus Pool      








10.07.09                                      Little Egret                                            NEXT.jpg (915 bytes)

Little Egret at Venus |Pool             









26.02.10                                            Little Grebe                                        NEXT.jpg (915 bytes)

Little Grebe - Venus Pool      









05.05.09                    Little Ringed Plover at Venus Pool                              NEXT.jpg (915 bytes)

Little Ringed Plover at Venus Pool








16.11.09                                           Mallard                                                          NEXT.jpg (915 bytes)

Mallard at Venus Pool











  15.11.09                                      Meadow Pipit                                                            NEXT.jpg (915 bytes)

Meadow Pipit at Venus Pool











08.07.09                                     Moorhen  at Venus Pool                                NEXT.jpg (915 bytes)

Moorhen with young at Venus Pool

                                                Canon EOS 50D , Canon EF 500mm f4 IS USM   -   1/320 - f 5.6  - ISO 100                                             








03.07.09                                            Mute Swan Venus Pool                                   NEXT.jpg (915 bytes)

Mute Swan with sygnets at Venus Pool









11.04.10                                         Osprey                                                          NEXT.jpg (915 bytes)

Osprey at Venus Pool











01.05.09                                  Oystercatcher at Venus Pool                                                       NEXT.jpg (915 bytes)

Oystercatcher at Venus Pool









18.09.09                                    Peregrine Falcon                                      NEXT.jpg (915 bytes)

Peregrin Falcon flying over Venus Pool









29.09.09                                              Pheasant                                            NEXT.jpg (915 bytes)

Pheasant at Venus Pool













20.11.09                                       Pied Wagtail                                           NEXT.jpg (915 bytes)

Pied Wagtail at Venus Pool      













29.01.10                                              Pintail                                                NEXT.jpg (915 bytes)

Male Pintails at Venus Pool











08.05.09                                          Pochard                                                 NEXT.jpg (915 bytes)

Male Pochard at Venus Pool












23.11.09                                             Redwing                                                 NEXT.jpg (915 bytes)

Redwing at Venus Pool












16.11.09                                         Reed Bunting                                      NEXT.jpg (915 bytes)

Reed Bunting at Venus pool












02.07.10                                        Reed Warbler                                      NEXT.jpg (915 bytes)












10.05.10                                      Ringed Plover                                           NEXT.jpg (915 bytes)

Ringed Plover at Venus Pool












25.06.09                                                     Rook                                                                               NEXT.jpg (915 bytes) Rook at Venus Pool












04.08.11                                                          Ruff                                                                         NEXT.jpg (915 bytes)













21.03.10                                             Scaup                                                NEXT.jpg (915 bytes)

Female Scaup












26.05.09                                        Sedge Warbler at Venus Pool                                               NEXT.jpg (915 bytes)

Sedge Warbler at Venus Pool












08.05.09                                         Shelduck                                                      NEXT.jpg (915 bytes)

Shelduck at Venus Pool












24.09.09                                    Shoveler Ducks                                                 NEXT.jpg (915 bytes)

Pair of Shoveler ducks at Venus Pool











21.09.09                                                Snipe                                                            NEXT.jpg (915 bytes)

Snipe at Venus pool













08.03.10                                      Song Thrush                                               NEXT.jpg (915 bytes)

Song Thrush












30.08.11                                    Spotted Redshank                                        NEXT.jpg (915 bytes)

Spotted Redshank












17.08.09                                            Swallow                                                     NEXT.jpg (915 bytes)

Swallow in flight at Venus Pool












04.05.10                                               Swift                                                     NEXT.jpg (915 bytes)

Swift at Venus Pool











16.10.09                                           Teal                                                     NEXT.jpg (915 bytes)

Male Teal at venus Pool      












14.03.10                                     Tree Sparrow                                          NEXT.jpg (915 bytes)

Tree Sparrow at Venus Pool











06.044.10                                                  Tufted Ducks                                                NEXT.jpg (915 bytes)

Tufted Ducks at Venus Pool 













04.08.11                                                    Turnstone                                                       NEXT.jpg (915 bytes)













   14.01.11                              White-fronted Goose  (Eurasian race)                                    NEXT.jpg (9795 bytes)

White-fronted Goose












12.10.09                                 Whooper Swan                                           NEXT.jpg (915 bytes)

Whooper Swan at venus pool

                                             Canon 50D , Canon 500mm f4 ,     1/3200 , f 5  , ISO 400                              











10.02.10                                               Wigoen                                            NEXT.jpg (915 bytes)

Wigeon at Venus Pool













2.09.10                                         Woodpigeon                                          NEXT.jpg (915 bytes)













 11.05.10                                               Wren                                                       NEXT.jpg (915 bytes)

 Wren at Venus Pool













 20.04.10                                  Yellow Wagtail                                                          NEXT.jpg (915 bytes)   

Yellow Wagtail at Venus Pool












 7.10.10                                       Yellowhammer                                                     

Male Yellowhammer

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